What is it all about?

After Jesus ascended into Heaven, His disciples gathered together in Jerusalem waiting for the promised ‘Comforter’. Until the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, they devoted themselves to prayer. Thus, for centuries, Christians have traditionally gathered between Ascension and Pentecost to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit.
‘Thy Kingdom Come’ reflects this time of prayer and is a global movement with Christians from 172 countries praying for friends, family, neighbours and colleagues that they might come to faith in Jesus Christ.

What’s the relevance?
In times of difficulty, danger, deep sadness or concern, many people turn to prayer – even those who rarely do so – gaining comfort and hope. During the coronavirus pandemic, more adults in England regularly followed on-line services than had worshipped in church for a long time. Nearly a quarter of the adult population connected – isn’t that amazing?

What are we at St. Michael’s Church to do?
It is a time to focus our prayers and this year, we are asked to pray for:

  • the Holy Spirit to fill us as a church, to empower us to follow our vision and to be an outward looking church, especially during the vacancy when we don’t have a vicar
  • five people we know to come to have faith in God and to know the love of Jesus
  • those who have drifted away from church during the pandemic that they may rekindle their faith
  • those who have reached out to on-line worship during the pandemic that they may continue their search and find a church to support them in their journey

What else can we do?

  • Pray in Church: a ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer station will be set up in the Lady Chapel of St. Michael’s church. You can use it to help guide your prayers.
  • Pray every day: Facebook and Twitter @StMichaelFelton will be active each day with prayer ideas for all ages. There are also some adult Prayer Journals available which will be left in the church. Please feel free to take one.
  • 24 hours of prayer: look out for more information from Ascension Day (13th May) on how to join in by committing an hour to our 24 hours of Prayer this year.

Pentecost: on Sunday, 23rd May worship with us in church at 8am
Or on-line https://www.stmichaelsfelton.co.uk/online-services/ at 11am