As part of Thy Kingdom Come we have prayer journals available for anyone who would like one.  They are either available to pick up from the back of church or by contacting us through the website. Here is the introduction by Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, to explain a little more…

Renew us by your Spirit

This booklet is intended for everyone. We all need the encouragement of the basic promises of the Christian faith to help us live the life God gives us to the full. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every area of our lives: where we can go, whom we can see, how we can worship. In the time between Ascension Day and Pentecost, Thy Kingdom Come is a gift to refresh our faith, especially if we felt isolated from our community or our Church during this difficult time. I have also written this in the hope that those who don’t know Jesus at all may find in these pages the hope they long for. So, if you are already a follower of Jesus, receive this as a reminder and an encouragement of why and how following Jesus makes a difference to you. Why not think about who you could give a copy to and how you could be praying for those you know who also need the hope of the gospel. And if you are yet to encounter Jesus Christ, my hope is that you will do so in what you read and reflect on in this booklet. Each day there are a few things to read, a prayer to offer and then an invitation for you to make your own reflections on what it means to follow in the way of Christ. You don’t have to write anything down, but you may find it helpful. Don’t worry if this isn’t you. Just ask God to help you see clearly how you can follow Jesus and who you can help. And do this not only with yourself in focus, but also those you know – maybe pray for 5 friends, family, neighbours, colleagues – who live their lives yet to know the love offered to them in Christ Jesus. In these days of hopeful waiting and praying between Ascension and Pentecost, may we all be renewed by the Spirit; made new in Christ.

Stephen Cottrell