This was the title of the drama that formed part of our Nativity service this year.  In the drama Derek was trying to install Christmas (version 6.1) on his computer/in his life, but didn’t want the version that comes with Jesus! Tech Support tries to explain that Jesus is the only real Christmas miracle, not the Fairy Godmother, or Santa Claus, or a star to wish on.

Apparently only Christmas versions 1 to 4 come with built in snow but after a few hiccups with overcoming his outdated antivirus, Derek discovered from a very helpful Michelle in Tech Support that Jesus himself really is the Christmas Miracle.

Our impromptu cast of young and old then dressed up and helped us retell the story of that first Nativity reminding us of the simple, yet profound, way in which God’s Son came to earth – born as a baby in such a humble way.


Our drama concluded with Derek’s friend Geoff dicovering that ‘installing’ Jesus in his life and accepting him means being in an ongoing relationship with God. This means having God’s help with your problems, not just at Christmas time, but any day of the year.  What a a great reminder for us all.

In the words of the song ‘The Gift’ that we sang:

Never before in history
Had there been such a sign,
For God was born in human form
For the sake of all mankind.
And a gift was given from heaven to earth,
The everlasting light.
So let us adore the Saviour born,
Immanuel, here tonight.