We are so very pleased and excited to welcome everyone back to the planned 5 O’Clock Service on Sunday 19th September 2021.

This of course will actually begin at 4.30pm with the usual refreshments! It will end, around 6pm, as always, followed by a shared meal at Sue and John Inglis-Jones home, 28 – 30 Main Street, Felton. All are welcome.

Our worship hangs on growing discipleship, community flourishing, faithful service and strength in prayer, with music as a strong part of being with God. Come and join in, worship, share, reflect and be blessed by God, together.

We intend to make this re-launch as close to our original service as possible. We will have the sofas and bean bags, for those who need that kind of comfort. We will have chairs and little tables for everyone else! We will also have cakes and biscuits and the offer of hot and cold drinks with slight adjustments, since the kitchen is still the vestry! Now if that isn’t enough to get you coming, then let God’s love and grace be the biggest draw.

Of course it is important that we follow guidance in our current situation. There will continue to be sanitiser and a thorough cleaning regime. We will continue to distance ourselves appropriately and wear masks but can, of course sing, as in the current church services.

We do hope that as we become more free from distancing, and by the time the 19th comes around, we will be able to be more forgetful of the restrictions and be more present with God in our midst so much more.

If there is anyone who has an urge to bake or cook for the shared food there will be more details to come about who to contact.

Please pray for this service: pray for our continued opening up of worship: pray for our community.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

From The 5pm Team.