In 2017 Cheryl Camm composed a song for The Bridge Singers to be performed at their “Magical Glass” concert in June 2017. The topic of the song related to a window in St. Michael’s Church, Felton (the venue for the concert) which was in need of repair.

The window is at the back of the church and is made of uncoloured frosted glass, with the date “1870” in a small quatrefoil of decorated stained glass. It has a partner window with the initials “TI” which refer to Thomas Ilderton, who was vicar of Felton from 1850 to 1872.  The window is understated compared to the other more colourful and decorative windows in the church. It is for this reason that Cheryl dubbed it the  “Quiet Window”.

Quiet window.
Modesty permits its half-hiding
By fun-seekers’ chattels,
And spidery filigree.

Quiet window
Keeps its counsel
While long-dead are reburied,
While trysts are kept,
While whimpering heads are bathed,
While clamorous kindred catch our ears
With their rainbow stories.

Quiet window
Scattered in glassy kaleidoscopes,
Emerging beside archangels, lambs, pyramids,
And Thomas himself,
Who placed it there with mannered simplicity.

Quiet window
Of cracks, of light splinters, of crumbling sand
Time to shout your thoughts
From your lofty prospect,
Shattering your patient silence.

To hear the song performed see below.