We will mark the season of Harvest at our 3rd October services at 8am and 11am. Rev Michael Hepper will be joining us from Longframlington to lead our 11am worship.  This year we will collect any non-perishable foods and money (cash, cheques or giving online) for Alnwick District Foodbank. Whilst many of us have not been financially impacted by coronavirus, the reality is so many have. Now is a poignant time to be supporting those affected negatively by coronavirus and those whose need is great at this time. We ask you to be generous this year as a way of making sure we follow Paul’s heart in Galatians 2 – ‘All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along’.

Any foodstuffs can be placed in the bin inside the church (or even better on the floor in the chancel) in the week ahead of 3rd October or brought to either service. Any cash in an envelope, or cheques made payable to ‘Alnwick District Foodbank’ can also be donated on the day. Alternatively any donations made via our Harvest donation button below which will be passed straight to the foodbank too.