Well, we are introducing ‘After Service Zoom Coffee’ – which is basically like coffee after church but via Zoom, which means you get to see people’s faces, hear how people are doing and feel connected to the wider body of the church. As St. Mary’s & St. Michael’s, we are a little late to the party here – some churches have been doing it for months. But now seems the right time for us to add this to our church life.
We hope it may appeal to those who haven’t been able to come back to church, or for very very understandable reasons don’t want to at this time. A chance to ‘see’ people!
We hope it will appeal to both those at St. Michael’s and St. Mary’s – as ironically we have ‘seen’ more of each other this year than ever before!
We hope it will appeal to those who may have tuned into church more recently, and want to meet fellow tuners-in!
We are also conscious of recent Government guidance which seeks to discourage ‘socialising’ in places of worship, this way we can do that safely.
Either way, we will try this from 12.00noon – 12.30pm each week on Zoom as from Sunday 13th December.
Why 12.00noon you ask? Great question! Because we are trying to make it accessible to everyone – including those who may go to the 8am service, the 9.20am in Longframlington, or watch the pre-recorded service premiered at 11am. That makes it a challenge but we believe we can squeeze it in before Sunday lunch – we make a firm commitment to finish at 12.30pm prompt!
We will also take the opportunity to share church news/notices and even reflect on our worship that morning.

We would love you to join us – just click this link at 12.00noon on a Sunday.

Join After Church Zoom