What is it all about?

Ascension Day marks the beginning of 10 days of prayer called Thy Kingdom Come where millions (literally) of people across the world commit to pray over these 10 days for God’s Kingdom to come.

Listen to a special talk for Ascension Day on our Thought for the Week page.

You are invited to join in being part of those millions and to commit to pray each day over these 10 days – if we all did so, that would be a huge wave of prayer!

Three things you might do:-

1. find a regular time each day when you can pray; you might like to light a candle when you pray to mark it is a sacred time.

2. work out how you want to pray – want some ideas?  Use the resources on our Resources page

3. think of 5 people who haven’t yet experienced the love of Christ and pray for them in your time of prayer. If you like being creative, you could write the names on pieces of paper, or lollipop sticks, or post-it notes, or pebbles – to help you to pray for them each day.


If you are a family, there is a fabulous family adventure prayer map along with an app with short videos for each day that you can use – see the attached sheet.


Above all, it encourages us all to pray every day, but especially over these 10 days between Ascension day and Pentecost. Why? Because the habits and rhythms we establish now are so important and will help us in post lockdown, and because God loves to hear our voices just like any parent loves to hear their children’s voices.

Oh, and God answers prayer – of course!

In addition, Rev Michael Hepper has produced a simple Bible study on the parables of Jesus – one for each day. if you would like to receive a copy (one a day), please email Veronica Thomson  – v.thomson41@btinternet.com who will send you them over these 10 days.


The #ThyKingdomCome App is available now to download from Google Store and I-Tunes!
The award-winning app is full of the daily videos, Bible readings, reflections, podcasts from Professor NT Wright and a special section for your ‘Pray for 5’.