Michael shares all sorts of facts and images about Water in life and in the Bible.
Questions about Giving – FAQs and those questions you might wish you could ask.
Two disclaimers:
The camera stopped filming after exactly 21 minutes…. so apologies for the abrupt end!
James is more than happy to be challenged on his ‘maths’ – that’s why he is not the Treasurer!

Here is what church could look like post-lockdown 😉We are not making light of the current situation or the seriousness of this virus, we as a church have had people we love affected by this pandemic and also have incredible people in our congregation who have been on the front line. This video is simply meant to bring a smile to your face.

Posted by Bethany Baptist Church Pwllgwaun on Friday, 5 June 2020
This week’s Thought for the Week comes in the form of this video seeking to answer the question: ‘What does church look like post lockdown?’
Fear not! This is quite simply to cheer you up, make you smile and laugh!
Thanks to Bethany Baptist Church Pwllgwaun.
Flo and Sam talk about Lambs and God providing for us.

Michael talks all about 7 promises we find in the book of Exodus (the book in the Bible that focuses on being freed from slavery)
Michael is back with some thoughts on journeying through life, God as the ultimate insomniac and where does our help really come from as he explores what is a familiar Psalm to many – Psalm 121.
Jeremy’s thoughts on finding God in the small things.
Check out the McConnachie family retelling of the Ascension of Jesus through Lego!
Eileen shares her thoughts on God in the everyday in nature

Ascension Day – the day we celebrate Jesus ascending back to heaven after his life on earth. Michael Sadgrove (retired Dean of Durham cathedral) has sent in his sermon for us that he was due to deliver at our Ascension Day Service – you can watch his sermon (read by James) below or read the transcript here.   Some accompanying pictures of Brinkburn Priory too.

A Thought for the day about your toothbrush from Eileen Ferguson.

A 5 minute reflection on how to cope with self isolation from Rev Robin Gamble.

Rev Gabby Llewelyn uses a simple resource to walk us through the week before Easter