Children and Youth

Younger children

We are a welcoming, family-friendly church that places a great importance on the value and contribution of children, both in our congregation and as part of the wider community.

For many people, enjoying church from a young age provides the foundations for a lasting and deep faith into adult life. We encourage and support children and young people to form their own relationship with Jesus, at their own pace.

Each week we pray and worship with our children – just as the adults do in the Sunday service – so they come to know prayer and worship as key elements of the Christian faith. All children are very welcome at St Michael’s. If there is anything we can do as a church to support or encourage your child, and/or you as a family, please let a member of the Junior Church team know.


Being a young person today can be both complex and confusing. As children grow up at St Michael’s we continue to encourage them into their teenage years, providing a safe space where they can be themselves and feel supported as they make transitions in their lives.